Our Focus

It’s Time to Improve Safety and Access

The ApiJect Global Initiative team is focusing its efforts right now on the following areas.

Self-Sufficient Fill & Finish

The COVID-19 pandemic, trade disputes, and drug shortages have shown that in order to supply good, reliable healthcare, nations need to be able to fill-finish bulk drugs in their borders.

At the ApiJect Global Initiative, we look at how small and mid-size nations are able to achieve this, technologies and processes that are opening up new opportunities, and how emerging nations and regions may be able to accomplish this goal of fill-finish self-sufficiency.

Improving Vaccination Equity

The world today recognizes vaccinations as a human right. The upwards march of childhood vaccination rates has helped put action to this belief. But the rates at which children and adults across the world are vaccinated—which requires more than just available vaccine—remains greatly unequal across socio-economic lines.
The ApiJect Global Initiative is focusing on this persistent problem, studying campaigns that have helped achieve greater equity across populations, and looking for ways to grow technologies and best practices that can improve vaccination equity in all regions of the world.

Injection Safety in Healthcare Facilities

Every year, it is estimated that more than a million people die due to a bloodborne disease contracted via an unsafe injection given by a healthcare worker. And this is likely to be largely undercounted. Unsafe injections in healthcare settings is a completely preventable problem. But despite increasing awareness of the issue, it persists year after year with little measurable progress.

The ApiJect Global Initiative is focused on understanding the drivers of this problem, what technologies and processes are effective in reducing it, promoting those solutions—and further growing awareness amongst nations, healthcare professionals, and patients on the danger of unsafe injections.

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